Our Mission

GMP_Logo_0_0.jpgThe Division of Genomic and Molecular Pathology (GMP) in the Department of  Pathology was created in order to bring together the latest in genomics technologies, computational biology  approaches and scientific knowledge for the care of patients at the University of Chicago and the broader community. Today, it is well understood that the best hope for the treatment of many illnesses depends upon having the best possible information, both about the patient as well as his or her particular condition.  For cancer and a host of other diseases, genetic information is a critical piece of the puzzle, and can help to better define disease, predict its progression and most importantly help to select the best possible treatment for each individual patient.

Recently Added Tests

             The OncoPlus panel is a targeted next generation sequencing (NGS) assay that has the capability to cover 1,213 cancer-related genes for personalized assessments of both solid tumors and hematological malignancies. 147 genes, including copy number variation detection (gene-level gain or loss) for 136 autosomal genes, lung cancer-related gene fusions (ALK, RET, and ROS1) and a specific rearrangement in EGFR (VIII variant). For more details click here.

             This is a next-generation sequencing assay for the qualitative detection of two APOL1 nephropathy risk alleles (G1 and G2) in peripheral blood. This test is indicated for African-Americans with a clinical risk or family history of kidney disease and African-Americans being evaluated as living kidney donor. Results from this test are intended for use as an adjunct to existing clinical information. For more details click here.

Highlighted Publications