Cytogenetics at The University of Chicago

Cytogenetics@UChicago is comprised of two clinical diagnostic laboratories in the University of Chicago Medicine (UCM):

IMG_5340.jpgCytogenetics is the study of chromosome structure, pathology, function and behavior as it relates to genetic disease.  We use routine cytogenetic and molecular methods to diagnose chromosomal abnormalities that are present at birth and acquired as part of disease.  Our clinical laboratories offer testing for the identification of chromosomal aberrations in many sample types including peripheral blood, amniotic fluid, chorionic villus sampling, products of conception, skin biopsies, solid tumors and leukemias.

Our Clinical Scope of Practice

  • Prenatal and postnatal screening and diagnosis for chromosomal aberrations
  • Cytogenetic and cytogenomic testing of solid tumors, leukemias and lymphomas

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide superior health care in a compassionate manner, ever mindful of each patient’s dignity and individuality.  To accomplish our mission, we call upon the skills and expertise of all who work together to advance medical innovation, serve the health needs of the community, and further the knowledge of those dedicated to caring.

Our Vision

On a foundation of mutual respect, we will work together to build the University of Chicago Hospitals into one of the finest organizations in the country – as measured by the quality of patient care, the satisfaction of patients and their families, and the level of pride among everyone who works here.