Sushant Patil, PhD


Sushant Patil earned his PhD in Nanoscale Science (Biotechnology-Bioinformatics Track) at University of North Carolina, Charlotte. His dissertation was "Characterizing next-generation sequencing (NGS) platforms for multiplexed biosensing and aptamer discovery: G-quadruplex aptamers as a case study" under the guidance of Dr. Jennifer Weller. He has completed Professional Science Master’s in Bioinformatics at University of North Carolina and earlier in India, he pursued Bachelor of Pharmaceutical Sciences at University of Mumbai.   With different majors that Sushant deliberately opted at each stage of his academic career, he wish to understand the intricate inter-dependent multidisciplinary challenges involved in the art of science and apply his analytical abilities to solving problems. He typically enjoys the science behind research, to understand both the fine-detail scale and the big picture. His research interests lie at the crossroads of NGS, data science and personalized medicine.